A Word from Joey


Joey.jpg  A Timely Warning from Joey

Meet Joey, Chief Meeter & greeter on the Ultimate Automotive Team and representative for pets & wildlife.

Joey would just like to remind you all that the stopping power of your vehicle is not only vital to keeping you and your family safe on the roads but other road users as well, including pedestrians and wildlife.

Brakes, shock absorbers and tyres are all crucial elements in determining just how well you can stop in an emergency situation and you should have them checked regularly to be on the safe side. 

Regular car service with a good mechanic helps alert you to problems you may not be aware of and car service at Ultimate Automotive includes a 65 Point Vehicle inspection to give you peace of mind.

Another Joey supported this statement when it came in for a little visit - this cute little critter is named Rosie. Her mother and other types of wildlife or pets can sometimes stray too close to roads and sadly there are often casualties.

 How Cute Is This.jpg 

Looking after your shock absorbers, brakes and tyres gives you more control over your vehicle in tricky situations and means that if it does come down to it you will have more chance of being able to stop in time or avoid a collision.

Recently we had a client referred to us from another business, as we have the only equipment in town to properly test shock absorbers - The Safe-T-Stop. We tested his shockers and also the brakes and found a 90% brake imbalance on front.

Better to find out here than in accident! It was a cheap fix and kept him & his family safe. There is nothing else like our Safe T Stop machine in town. So if you want to help protect all road users, come into our Gympie workshop and we will happily test your brakes and shock absorbers for you today. We can also advise you if your tyres need attention and offer wheel alignment and balancing to ensure you are driving straight and stopping true.

It makes sense to have your car serviced by a mechanic with the skills and equipment to do the job right. 

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